Monday, September 25, 2017

Comparison between Tracer Model from OW and Tracer Model from HotS

Left (Green) is the Tracer model from Overwatch, this is the LOD 2 showing.
LOD 4 and 8 are obviously not highly detailed enough.

Right (gray) is the Tracer model from Heroes Of The Storm. Very polished if I may add!

When overlapping both ( when imported they were not the same scale ) so it is not a 100% match,
but as you may see, the proportions are identical.

The unwrapping on the other hand look like this

First Tracer from Overwatch, the face and body share the same uv set, but the hair and the glasses are separate.

The HotS one is a traditional unwrap, with the right upper corner empty for the ult skin mesh parts, and it also includes the unwrap of the weapon.

Overall quit comparable but not compatible.


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